CE404: Head and Cross Regulator 3D model

Click here to download the 3D model of the design given in Example 6.1, R. S. Varshney.

Requires Google SketchUp. Download here (opens in a new window).


Unzip HCRegulatorD.zip and open HC RegulatorD.skp with Google SketchUp.

You can activate different layers to view different parts and details.

Please note that some details are skipped in the model for simplification.

If you need help post a comment. Let me know if the textures are displayed correctly.

Model preview. Click image to enlarge.

Examples of existing regulators. Click to see original image.

If you have more, please share with us.

Sheet Piles

Wondering how sheet piles (used as vertical cutoffs) look like? Here are some example images from different websites.

Click on an image to view the original size.

Sheet Pile

Sheet piling in a canal

Sheet pile

Installed sheet piles

Sheet pile units

Steel sheet pile units

Driving a sheet pile

Driving a sheet pile

Steel sheet piles
Steel sheet piles

Note: Photos posted here are merely shown for educational purposes. The original photos belong to their respective owners, click on an image to view the original image.